Parcel Holding Service – Postal Plusparcel holding service

Take full advantage of our parcel holding service today.

You can choose the courier of your choice and ensure that you get your package on time when you really need it; no more sitting at home waiting for a delivery from Royal Mail when you could be busy making money.

The parcel collection service we offer is available to the public, small businesses and big corporations.

We are your local parcel holding service.

The benefits of using PostalPlus are:

  • Convenience; you can collect your item free of charge for up to 5 days
  • Option to choose the courier you want to do business with
  • All letters and medium size parcels accepted
  • Facility to track your mail on-line and see when it has arrived
  • Peace of mind; we will alert you by phone or email once your package has arrived

What do You want us to hold for you?

 letters packets / boxes personal Items - phones, keys etc. flowers, food & other perishables

How many items in total

When are you expecting the delivery

When would you like to pick-up?

Who will pick up?

Do you want it to be redelivered to your address? Yes / No

Please ring to arrange re-delivery, (service starts at £5)

Please tick if the item is a surprise gift  yes

Please Note

*Perishable goods can only be kept for 24 hours at the owners risk.

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